We love our Garland range. It has a great commercial look, two ovens, six burners, and a grill. But those are all aesthetics for the most part, what makes a great stove great is how it cooks. 

See that unusual flame shape? Not a basic ring, but a star, that is what makes this stove so special. It distributes the heat evenly across the bottom of the pan/pot, coupled with fine controls this allows the chef to have a perfect simmer, or just all out high power fast boiling heat. So there you have it, we love our Garland and look forward to it's many years of service. 

Kitchen Reminiscent

It is still far from complete, but the kitchen is starting to take shape. There will be lots more details to follow regarding tiling and lighting and layout choices, but for now, here are a few pictures to prove that we do intend to cook in the big house one of these days.

Range in the Home

It was briefly mentioned at some point, but to reiterate, the kitchen is going to be a commercial style kitchen with a slight French country influence. Those are broad terms intentionally as we are still trying to figure out what the plan is. One thing is for sure though, the kitchen has to, MUST, have a big range, one of those commercial looking suckers that evokes endless culinary possibilities. At first we looked at true commercial ranges, but it turns out those are built without insulation and as a result are considered a fire hazard in residential spaces that lack fire suppression systems and large clearances. That was a bummer to learn because deals can be found on commercial equipment, but less so on Viking, Wolf etc... At first we reconciled ourselves to a 36" range, but it never felt right so we kept looking and as luck would have it we stumbled across just the thing at Build it Green in Brooklyn.  

A new to us 48" stainless, six star burner, grill, double convection oven Garland range. This is a true workhorse, the one true desire of many a professional chef out there. They only made the residential insulated version for a few years but they were built like tanks. In this shot Ermela has just started cleaning it up and the burners are not in. We also lucked out in getting a killer deal on a Gaggenau 48" hood and a Thermador warming drawer. Oh the feasts that will be prepared..........