First Glaze Firing

We finally got around to glazing and firing our first set of pots! they came out 90% awesome. Thanks to the tutelage of Dustin ( @ceramicism ) we figured out what we were doing and had some pretty cool if unexpected results. For those of you who have not been in middle school recently... first you shape the clay, then you harden it in a light firing, then you paint it with the glaze. The glaze changes appearance drastically after the firing from what it looks like in the container, also, glazes tend to react in unexpected ways with other glazes.

More detailed pictures of the post-firing results to come, just waiting for a nice sunny day and a minute to spare.

First Firing

In continuing pursuit of our artist community like dream, we fired the kiln for the first time this weekend. It was a bit of a test run, done with some trepidation given that the kiln was an Ebay find. Fortunately it all worked like a charm and shut itself off at just the right time. These pieces are by Graham and his very talented friend Dustin Barzell ( or @ceramicism for you instagramers). The symmetrical/larger pieces in these pics tend to be by Dustin. This was just the bisque firing, so now they are ready to be glazed and made pretty, hopefully in the works this coming weekend. For those of you who know Dustin's work, you know this is just the blank canvas for color.