Xmas Tree Time

We love christmas trees, they are fun, decorative, seasonal, and due to our confused upbringings, they posses absolutely zero religious connotations. We (the Spearman side) are used to going out and cutting down a tree, but this was a completely unknown tradition to the Kaferi side of the household so we jumped at the opportunity when mom found a local tree farm. Expecting something further afield, ala the Maine experience, we may have over prepared dress wise, but all the more fun. Conklin's Tree Farm is small by New England standards but the trees were beautiful, great shape, very healthy, and obviously loved.

There is a great video of the ladies cutting the tree down over on the Instagram feed page. Once we got the tree home we continued demolishing the future TV room until nightfall then we grabbed the eggnog, brandy and cookies and commenced cursing at the tree stand. That is around the time we realized that we couldn't find our ornaments. A little improvising and we ended up with this:

Have to say, it's a good lookin' tree!