Cast of Characters: Oren

Each weekend we try to coax people into coming up and hanging out and doing some manual labor. We use arguments like, "hard work is good for your soul", "it's an excellent workout", "we will feed you". It's the last one that snares the most people so we have Carol to thank for that. It is sort of understood that it's rustic at best right now, after all, the one functioning bathroom in the main house doesn't have walls (people still close the door out of habit though). Over time things will improve as each project comes closer to completion and coming up for the weekend will feel more like an escape and less like a work commune. Fortunately we do have several friends who enjoy the work now and have vision for the future.

Meet Oren:

His passing resemblance to a Serengeti warrior withstanding, he is actually a very nice guy. He is also probably the most enthusiastic manual labor participant we have. Here he is moving a +/- 500lb double wall oven: 

And here he is unpacking the maple sap cooking pan on a cold snowy March day:

Strength and muscles aside, it's his enthusiasm that we value most, getting text messages on a Saturday saying "what did you guys get done today??" is a true pleasure because, you know, we like to share the experience. So, for the record, Oren, we appreciate your contribution, enthusiasm and friendship and there is always an open door at the farm to you.